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COVID 19 Related Announcements

If your company is developing therapeutics, vaccines, or other products (e.g. software platforms, wearable technologies, personal protective equipment, etc.) that could help combat the COVID-19 pandemic,the SBA has compiled a list of agencies you can reach out to. 

All Open SBIR Solicitations and Notices Regarding COVID can be found HERE.

COVID 19 Funding Opportunities can be found HERE

NSF, NIH, CDC BARDA and USDA all have expanded their opportunities for COVID related research. 

The COVID-19 Joint Acquisition Task Force, in partnership with the Department of the Air Force, created an industry portal for companies to submit proposals to meet the urgent need for medical resources. Submit your innovative solutions to the COVID-19 JATF Industry Portal. 

What you will find in the Innovation Station Calendar:

  • Events that are geared toward the innovator in both Washington State and elsewhere 

  • Workshops that held by our partners around the state

  • Funding announcements

LEGEND for the Innovation Station Calendar

BFBFBF (Grey)  indicate SBIR funding announcements  

4EB6CC (Blue)indicates an event 

6FE188 (Dark Green) lines indicate NON SBIR Opportunities

Have an event you would like us to list? Email event details to:

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